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Sweet Thoughts, Mid-Week

Howdy, y’all!

Well I am just a bit over a month away from my departure to Uganda! I can’t even believe it.

I am working every day in preparation but still feel like there is just so much to do! I am really enjoying each part of this process, though. I continue to ask for prayers for protection and peace as I go.

On a more decadent note, I have had many culinary opportunities this past week. Whoop! This time of year is busy for all and, in my humble opinion, every occasion is made all the more wonderful with a treat! I got a little crazy with some creative twists on tried and true recipes- my favorite result being the peanut butter cookies that I dipped in chocolate, and THEN dipped in coconut (woah now).

Mmm! It is like a vacation in a cookie. If you need a little boost to get you through until the three-day weekend ahead, these will definitely do the trick! Orders welcomed 24/7, darlings.

Speaking of, what is everyone doing for Memorial Day weekend? My dear and beautiful friends, Whitney and Justin, are getting married in just a couple weeks (hip hip hooooraaaayyy!!), and I am extremely excited to celebrate the lovely bride this weekend with showers galore! Don’t worry, I am already planning the dessert menus for these gatherings. Details to follow. Aside from that, I hope to soak up some sun by riding my bike and swimming as much as possible. It is absolutely summer, after all. Haaawwwwt.

Thank you to all who have placed orders and/or made donations. I am so, so humbled by your generosity and again, I could NOT do this without your help!


I have a lot on my mind these days!
So thankful for the orders I have received.
Keep ‘em coming, sweet thangs!

I have a lot on my mind these days!

So thankful for the orders I have received.

Keep ‘em coming, sweet thangs!

Let it Rain!
Thankful for today’s rejuvenating downpour!
Soak it up, loves.

Let it Rain!

Thankful for today’s rejuvenating downpour!

Soak it up, loves.


Strawberry Fields Forever

As a lover of all things summer, the arrival of strawberry season fills me with sunshine joy.

Incidentally, so do birthdays…

Oh, happy day when so many of my favorite things collided!

You see, along with it being mother’s day this past Sunday, it was also my sweet Mumsy’s 81st birthday!

Both my mama and her mama (aka Mumsy) are adorable women with huge hearts. With as much as they have imparted on me (including a sweet tooth, which I seem to have come by honestly), I wanted to honor them properly and, of course, sweetly!

Borrowing my roommate’s car (thanks, love), I drove the 4 hours north to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to visit. With strawberries on sale and in season, I have been snatching them up quicker than I can use them, so I packed a couple pints in my suitcase. I didn’t know what I would do with them, but I knew only good things can come from their ripe, red, deliciousness.

I ended up finding a wonderful recipe for an exquisite strawberry bread, and my family enjoyed it for breakfast, lunch, and dessert after dinner! It is perfect for this time of year… sweet, but not too sweet, moist yet light, and with a hint of cinnamon… mm mm mm! Even my farmer granddaddy was surprised with how enjoyable it was, exclaiming “Well, honey, this really IS good!”

Order  yours today! (Also available as muffins!)

Easy as Pie

Great news, everybody!

Benevolent Confections is officially accepting donations through PayPal!

Donations can now be accepted at any time, and are always appreciated.

Many have asked if they may donate without placing an order. In short, yes, of course. I will be happy to offer sweet thoughts in lieu of sweet treats, as well as my sincere gratitude.

However, I truly adore baking for you, darling people, and will always be delighted to receive any and all requests. To (hopefully) avoid confusion, I have outlined the general ordering process below. Of course, all questions/concerns/feedback is welcomed!

For the time being, here is the drill:

1. You get a hankerin’ for somethin’ real nice n’ sweet.

2. You decide to enlist someone with a passion for all things delectable to prepare your well-deserved treat. (No shame in that game, a very good decision indeed.)

3. Being an intelligent and purposeful human being, you remember that if you place your order through Benevolent Confections, all proceeds support a worthy cause. (win/win)

4. You simply log on to the internet (you’re probably already surfing the digital waves anyhow) and shoot a quick e-mail to! (And we are SO happy to hear from you!)

5. You receive a prompt reply, letting you know when your order will be ready, and a suggested donation amount (This amount will be based on the cost of ingredients, etc but let us emphasize, it is just a suggestion- of course we only ask that you give what you can- be it more or less.)

6. When you are ready, all that is required is an effortless click on the link provided at the top of the blog (there will also be a link attached to your “invoice” e-mail) and PayPall will guide you with steady hands from there!

As you can see, the honor system lives on! How do you like them apples? How about in a pie?

Can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you for your support. <3

PS. A big THANK YOU to my dear, talented friends at  Lindy Floral for helping me navigate the PayPal process. Check out their website and enjoy Lindy’s astoundingly beautiful creations!

Pleased to Meet You

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has already given me amazing feedback and votes of support and confidence! I am extremely blown away.

Until I publish a Menu of sorts, I will be gladly taking custom orders. If you live in the Austin area, your treats can be picked up or, in some cases, delivered. If you live elsewhere, fear not! I would be oh so happy to send some goodies your way via the USPS. (Note: Cookies/Bars/Brownies would be easiest to keep fresh in mail, but I am open to other requests and suggestions of course).

I am working on a PayPal account, a website, and many other internet-friendly things but for now you can…

e-mail me at

follow me on Twitter: @sweetswithsoul OR @clairepacemeade

friend me on the facebook (Claire Meade)

I can not wait to hear from you all!

sweet thoughts and so much love,

Claire Pace Meade

Giving Sweetly

Sheryl Crow croons about the first cut being the deepest, but I am here to tell you (in script rather than song, as my croons are bad enough to scare crows) that the first step is the heaviest.

This idea that follows, and many, many variations of it have been bumbling about my head for years. Yes, years. Probably five years to be exact, and as I am only twenty-five years old that is a remarkably high percentage of my days thus far on this Earth.

Regardless, I’m here now- putting my foot down, and extremely hopeful and excited about the steps to follow.

Without further adieu… ladies and gentlemen, the gist:

Long ago, a seed of hope was planted in my heart for the beautiful people of Uganda and I am extremely humbled to have the opportunity to visit and work alongside their efforts this summer (during the month of July). I am so very excited to offer what resources I have and, in the same turn, eagerly anticipate all that I have to learn!

I am going by myself, and will be giving my time and donations to the Uganda Rural Fund. I encourage you all to check out their website and get jazzed for all the truly amazing and inspirational progress occurring in the villages outside of Kampala. Also, ch-ch-ch-check it out- I am on the volunteer page! Whoop whoop!

So, as of today, I have found a plane ticket and I am Africa-bound and bursting with joy (and, admittedly, quite a few nerves).

As it turns out, flying around the world costs a very pretty penny. Worth it? Yes. Leap of faith? Definitely.

Incidentally, this is where community (that’s you, sweet reader) enter the picture! Community… and cookies!

If you know me, you know that I bake. Almost compulsively. I seize any opportunity to whip up a batch of something sweet because, honestly, it is one of the few talents I feel gifted with and I really enjoy serving other people. Also, who hates dessert?! Even those without a sweet tooth (I have extra, if anyone needs one!) tend to enjoy an occasional treat. So, there you have it. Confections rank right up there with math on the list of universal languages. And I happen to be fluent in the former.

I have a vision of using this hobby in a larger, more intentional way.

(See, this really is all tying together…)

I am currently constructing a menu (to be posted very soon) and will be selling baked delights for very reasonable prices. Additional donations are welcome. ALL proceeds will go directly toward the URF, and my involvement with them. Should I raise enough to assist in the cost of my journey this summer, all contributions will then go to support what the URF is doing for the people of Uganda.

My hope is to continue to devote my time and energy towards this project beyond this summer. I envision connecting the astounding community in Austin, Texas to the beautiful communities of Africa, using just an apron, some ingredients, and my trusty ole’ KitchenAid Mixer.

So, there you have it. The blueprint, the rough draft, and (trumpets sound) the proverbial ribbon cutting of Benevolent Confections.

Until I post again, please be keeping this idea in mind. If you pray, please pray for adventures and opportunities to come, both here and abroad.

I am incredibly grateful for you all- for your inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Thank you,

Claire Pace Meade